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Advice From Olga Nazarova

7 Steps To Perfect Sun Protection|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Skin Care>Skin Care at Home

7 Steps To Perfect Sun Protection

Summer is in full swing now and it means that beautiful women all around the world are eager to get the perfect tan. At first, we spend hours to get ready for the beach and then we spend even more time under the blazing summer sun. But have you ev…

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7 Amazing Body Care Tips To Fall In Love With|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Body Care

7 Amazing Body Care Tips To Fall In Love With

Hot summer days are over, even if we are not ready to admit this. But it doesn’t mean that you should leave your beauty care routine behind. While we always remember to make masks, scrubs and all sorts of procedures for our face, pretty often we l…

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5 Super Easy Ways To Whiten Your Teeth|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Beauty>Teeth Beauty

5 Super Easy Ways To Whiten Your Teeth

Having snow-white teeth is the essential part of a perfect image. Even the prettiest face may be spoiled by a smile full of yellowish teeth. The Hollywood stars are spending loads of money to have those ideal smiles. But is the perfect smile reall…

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5 Reasons To Try Body Wraps Immediately|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Body Care

5 Reasons To Try Body Wraps Immediately

Today it is hardly possible to find a person who hasn’t heard about a body wrap. Wraps are everywhere. Those TV and billboard commercials promise glorious results straight after the first procedure. You are supposed to go to the spa, and just one …

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