5 Reasons To Try Body Wraps Immediately | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

5 Reasons To Try Body Wraps Immediately

5 Reasons To Try Body Wraps Immediately|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Body Care
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Today it is hardly possible to find a person who hasn’t heard about a body wrap. Wraps are everywhere. Those TV and billboard commercials promise glorious results straight after the first procedure. You are supposed to go to the spa, and just one hour later leave it young and fresh, with no cellulite and excess weight.

The most popular are the anti-cellulite and detoxifying body wraps. The latter is said to help you get rid of all the toxins in the body, while the first is sure to help you with the weight loss. But their benefits do not stop just on that. Some spas claim that a wrap will help you to beat skin issues and even arthritis.

The most popular variant of the body wrap is done in the following way. You lie down on a massage table and the esthetician rubs your body with a scrub. Then you go to the shower and rinse it off your skin. Next, you get back onto the table and your specialist applies the active ingredients of the treatment, covering your body with a plastic wrap. For a heating effect, you are also further covered with special blankets and sheets. And here where the pleasant stuff begins – you have at least 30 minutes to relax and stay alone with your thoughts.

So, that’s what you are expecting to get. But you should be aware of one thing: it’s a trap. Too good to be true, right? All the spas are striving to sell their services and they will say anything to do that. In fact, you’d better expect less dramatic results. The body wrap is not a magic cocoon from which you will emerge like a butterfly. Sadly, it can’t make you perfect in an hour. You should also understand that no cosmetic procedure can deal with such serious health issues as arthritis. Yet, the procedure is really useful, and today we want to tell you the truth about the body wrap. In general, we can highlight five main benefits of a body wrap.

#1 Conquer The Cellulite
It may sound a bit strange as we’ve already said that wrap isn’t the best way to beat the excess weight. The point here is to understand that body wrap isn’t the magic spell that will turn your body into its perfect shape. During the procedure, you can lose several pounds of water weight, but this result will not last forever and you’ll get into your old form pretty soon. Still, it’s a marvelous last resort tip that will help you look ideal if you don’t have enough time to visit a gym before the important event. Once you don’t wait for the result to be permanent, it’s really working.

#2 Exfoliate The Imperfection
Exfoliation is a nice bonus here: if you order a body wrap, a scrub is already included. It rubs away all dead skin cells from your skin, preparing it for the next position in our list: moisturization.

#3 Moisturization Equals Young Glowing Skin
It doesn’t really matter which body wrap you choose. All the wrap products are highly moisturizing for your skin, regardless of their active components. Also, don’t forget about sheets and towels: heat lets the solution soak deeper into your skin, boosting its nourishing effect.

#4 Get That Skin Clean
Most estheticians claim that body wrap will pull the toxins out of your skin. But scientists didn’t find any clear evidence of it. While detoxification is rather a controversial point in here, body wrap will definitely diminish acne and improve your skin condition.

#5 Relax And Enjoy Your Wrap
There’s no sense to argue about this one. What can be a better chance to relax than in the spa, listening to some pleasant music while the wrap does everything for you? If you feel stressed out, it’s just what you need! An hour of body wrap from VK Skin Spa – and you are ready to get on the top again!

As long as you don’t expect body wrap to be permanent, it’ll do a lot of great things to your skin and body. Just make sure to redo it now and then – and you are guaranteed to shine like a star.



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