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6 Celebrities Who Did Not Always Have A Perfect Smile

6 Celebrities Who Did Not Always Have A Perfect Smile|Beauty>Teeth Beauty
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Your smile is a part of your image. Flawless skin, perfect hair, the ideal body, and fabulous dress – all that can be crossed out in a second with the discolored teeth. Once you are famous, the things get even more difficult. Now your image is a part of your career. If you want to stay in the market, you have to look starring at all red carpets.

It’s shocking to know how many of our lovely celebrities had bad teeth back in those days they were less famous. Luckily (for us), when they’ve started getting more money they’ve started thinking of their own image as well. Wonder how they looked like before? Today we’ve prepared the list of 8 celebrities who’ve changed their smiles from dreadful to delightful.

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Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise is an indisputable leader of all the celebrities with bad teeth story. As a teenager, he didn’t really care about his teeth and it left its mark on his smile. Discolored, rotten and even cracked – these are the words which cannot suit the description of the Mission Impossible star. He is lucky that once he became more requested as an actor, some wise people told him to visit a dentist. Probably Tom isn’t a fan of brushing teeth and now as he’s got his veneers he has a possibility to never do it again as his teeth now are protected from discoloring forever. Pretty handy, don’t you think so?

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage is by no means an astonishing man in terms of his acting skills. If you believe that he’s also pretty handsome, you’d better think twice before looking at some of his old photos. Except for having discolored teeth, he had several more dental problems, including front teeth that had begun rotting at the time. Plus, he was already missing several teeth at that moment. Nicolas did just like his colleague Tom Cruise – he got a full set of veneers and now his smile does not evoke disgust anymore.

Morgan Freeman
Even such legends as Morgan Freeman are not immune from such things as time. As he aged, his teeth got yellow and it didn’t add up points to the Freeman’s appearance. Some time ago the Oscar nominee got younger for a decade. What was his secret? A simple visit to the dentist’s. He had his teeth whitened and got rid of the gap in the middle.

Lindsay Lohan
It’s not a secret that the Mean Girls starlet has gone too wild at some period of her life. Partying and clubbing like a maniac could not leave her without consequences. Instead of a lovely 24-year-old girl the world had seen a woman with clear signs of alcohol, smoking, and drug addiction. Thin hair, dull skin, and bad teeth – no one would want to look like Lindsay at that period. Fortunately, Lohan had her teeth fixed in one week. And today she is shining again on our screens like a real star.

George Clooney
Being a leading male actor in the Hollywood may seem effortless, but it’s not. Ask George Clooney. He is one of those people who grind their teeth when nervous. This leads to the inevitable teeth destruction. By getting veneers he didn’t only get rid of his problem. The whiter smile was a pleasant bonus which made our dream-boy even more beautiful.

Miley Cyrus
Slightly crooked smile may seem charming if its owner is a teen singer whom Miley was during her ‘Hannah Montana’ era. But we all know that our little girl has grown up, thus her new image demanded a new smile. Even and brightly white – that’s how the teeth of a real pop star should look like.

Were you surprised by any of the photos? Now you see how important your smile is for getting that 100% consummate look. Ready to become the beauty icon? Click the ‘Request an appointment’ button above and get ready for the best teeth whitening procedure in your life!

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