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10 Reasons Of Breakouts You Have Never Thought Of

10 Reasons Of Breakouts You Have Never Thought Of|Skin Care>Skin Care at Home
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We bet you want to look perfectly by any available means. Unfortunately, even the most astonishing image may be spoiled by the unexpected breakout.

Have you ever suffered from breakouts? If so, you’ve perhaps spent loads of time, efforts, and money to clear your skin. Earlier we wrote about the easy diet for the glowing skin. Today we want to talk about 10 tips for preventing such unpleasant surprises as breakouts. Don’t expect us to tell about such trivial methods as cleaning face twice a day and removing make-up before bed. This list will be much more surprising that you think. Keep on reading to learn 10 new beauty secrets.

#1 Moisturize
If you already use any products to control your acne, you should not forget about the healing power of water. The anti-acne products of such kind usually dry out your skin, which leads only to the overproduction of sebum and, as a result, even more severe breakouts.

#2 Stay out of the sun
It is a widespread thought that tanning can help to beat acne. But if you overexpose your skin to the sun, the skin will get extremely dry. You already know what happens next. Don’t forget to take the sunscreen and moisturizer to the beach and make sure that they are not too heavy – you don’t want them to clog the pores!

#3 Check out your shampoo
It may sound unusual, but even if you don’t use the product directly for the skin, it can still influence your skin condition. Shampoos and other hair products may sometimes contain too much fragrance and chemicals that irritate our skin and can cause breakouts.

#4 Revise your laundry detergent
The same story as with the shampoos. Too harsh ingredients in laundry detergents may irritate your skin each time you dry your face with the towels and put your clothes on or off.

#5 Stop touching your face
The oils and dirt on your hands may be easily transferred to your pores and make you more prone to breakouts. Don’t forget to wash your face before applying any products to the skin.

#6 Get rid of the dirt on your phone
Believe us, it’s better not to know how much dirt there is on your phone. If you don’t want all the dirt off your fingers come to your face, you’d better clean your electronic friend more often.

#7 Clean your glasses properly
If you don’t want to clog those pores around your eyes and nose, it’s better to regularly clean your glasses and sunglasses as well.

#8 Don’t forget about the pillow case
All the sweat, dirt, makeup and so on comes off our face and hair during the night and stay on our pillow case. This means that even if tonight your face is perfectly clean, the debris from the previous not-so-ideal nights may ruin all the efforts. Changing pillowcases more often will save you from the catastrophe.

#9 Sleep on your back
Once you know that your pillow is as clean as never before, it’s high time to leave the habit of sleeping on your tummy in the past. The matter is that pressing your face against the pillow (even the clean one) all night long stops your pores from breathing, so that the processes in your skin cannot flow normally.

#10 Add more water!
The water was #1 and is #10 on this list of tips not accidentally. Except for the moisturizing your skin from the outside, you should sustain the level of moist from the inside. This will not only hydrate your skin but also remove all the toxins from your body which could become the reason of your next breakout.

The only way to achieve the look of your dreams is to be attentive to each small detail. You may also visit VK Skin Spa at any time convenient to you – our best specialists will help you to shine like the real beauty queen.

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