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How to Get Enough Of Beauty Sleep

How to Get Enough Of Beauty Sleep|Healthy Living>Healthy Lifestyle
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The thoughts about beauty sleep are rather contradictory: while ones insist that it’s a stupid myth without a real basis, the others claim that it is the number one hack for maintaining their appearance.

Nonetheless, the recent research has shown that 6 to 8 hours of tranquil sleep every night is really beneficial for your look. How? The secret is that while we are seeing colorful dreams, our body has time to repair and heal itself. That is the exact reason why you are recommended to put on all those regenerating creams before going to bed. In this way, you will enhance the natural process which is already happening in the body. Remember about nice procedure in SPA – oxygen facial, microcurrent facial

Today we have prepared four stages of preparation to the perfect beauty sleep for you.

Stage #1: Be sure to get enough time to sleep
There is no way for you to get that precious rest if you go to bed far after midnight and get up at 6 next morning. Make up your mind to get 6 to 8 hours of healthy sleep each night. Everyone has their own biological rhythm going in the organism. But 6-8 hours is exactly the time that is enough for our bodies to renew. At the same time, 8 hours is not that much for you to wake up and feel even worse. Once you get it into your routine, having enough of sleep will not be a problem anymore. You’ll feel far better every morning. Also, it won’t be so hard to fall asleep every evening.

Stage #2: Prepare yourself for the healing power of sleep
Be sure to follow these two easy steps:

  • Take care of your skin before going to bed. Thoroughly clean your face and moisturize it with the product that suits your skin type. Don’t forget about an eye-cream to avoid that annoying puffiness – this is possible even after a perfect night. If you think that it’s not so important to do before the bed, you should read our article about the reasons of breakouts. Don’t forget to take care of your hair as well.
  • Change your sleeping position. If you are not yet sleeping on your back, it’s better for you to start. This will not only cause less back and neck pain, but also prevent wrinkles and puffiness on your face.


Stage #3: Stay active enough during the day
It’s not a secret that we all get pretty tired during the weekdays. So it’s not too hard to fall asleep after the long day. Nonetheless, it’s rather tricky to do the same at the weekend. Try having more physical activity. Exercising will not only keep you healthy but also boost your energy level. Just be sure not to work out at least two hours before you go to bed. Otherwise, you will get the opposite effect.

One more thing to do is to stop napping during the day. No nap will provide you with the deeper sleep. Moreover, if you nap in the afternoon, you’ll find it harder to fall asleep later in the night. Try walking outside instead. The fresh air outdoors will definitely help you feel more active and awake.

Stage #4: Prepare both your body and mind
Remember that your evening meal shouldn’t be your largest meal. The ideal time for eating is 3-5 hours before going to bed to avoid stomach pains, discomfort, and bloating.

Deal with all the work before the bedtime. If not, you are sure to have some annoying thoughts preventing you from falling asleep. This may not happen at one day, so probably you will need to review your daily routine.

Relax not only in bed but before bed as well. Spend some time preparing for your sleep. Avoid playing video games or watching TV – this will only keep your brain busy. Being on your phone once you are in the bed also counts. Try having a warm bath, read your favorite book or listen to some good music, meditate, write a diary – do whatever helps you to relax.

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Ready to wake up beautiful? Follow these tips and pretty soon every woman you know will ask you for a beauty advice.

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