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LED Facial: Does It Really Work?

LED Facial: Does It Really Work?|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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Let’s be honest with one thing: no woman wants to get old, right? Throughout the history, people were eager to find the Fountain of Youth that reverses the time for anyone who drinks its water or bathes in it. Nowadays there is no need for searching a mysterious spring. We have a whole range of options on hand: from cosmetic products and spa treatments to pills and plastic surgeries. We will stop at nothing if there is at least a small chance to prolong our beauty. Today I’d like to tell you about the LED treatment.


What Is LED And How Does It Work?
The Light therapy, or LED treatment, is probably one of the most popular treatments on the I-wish-to-stay-young list. The LED therapy is a procedure during which the beams of light help you to shake off the years. I bet you wonder at this point how it works. Well, the mechanism is pretty simple.

Our years combined with pollution and sun exposure do not leave our skin untouched. Collagen, the crucial element for the healthy and wrinkle-free skin, gets destroyed. With years, its production slows down immensely. During the LED treatment, the beams of light go deep into the skin, restarting the natural process of collagen production. Thus, your skin rejuvenates on its own. All is left to you is to enjoy your new youthful look.

In fact, there are four types of LED lights: amber, blue, red and infrared, each of them having its proper effect. Amber is the number one in boosting collagen and elastin production, while blue aims at killing acne-causing bacteria. Red, in its turn, reduces inflammation and boosts blood circulation, and its “colleague” infrared tops it all, accelerating the skin recovery. As a rule, all the lights are combined to give you the all-in-one experience. Yet, they can be used separately as well to target the particular skin issue.


Is It Worthy Of Trying?
Your biggest concern probably is whether it really works or it is just another way for spas to make money on your needs? Well, LED nature is complex and controversial. The truth is that scientists still cannot give the exact answer on the matter. They see the results, but they can’t explain them. Yet, if you doubt its efficiency, you should know a bit from the history of LED treatment.

LED lights were primarily invented by NASA as they were searching for methods to grow plants in space. After a while, researchers found out that LED light stimulates cell growth and regeneration. What’s even more fascinating is that these lights can actually heal wounds and treat brain tumors. No wonder it smoothes out skin texture and reduces wrinkles. Have you ever heard of another anti-aging treatment provided by NASA?


Why Should I Go For The LED Treatment?
I believe that LED therapy is one of the best things that have ever happened in the world of the beauty industry. Reducing wrinkles, eliminating the sun damage, boosting collagen production – before the appearance of the LED therapy these results could be achieved only with the help of a laser or a strong chemical peel. As you know, such procedures can be pretty harsh to your skin, sometimes leading to the unpleasant side effects such as skin irritation. LED lights, on the contrary, heal your skin during the procedure itself. Isn’t it amazing?

With LED lights being so good for our skin, it is no surprise that today you can actually get the at-home devices for LED treatment. Nonetheless, I must warn you at this point. Remember that no matter how great the machine can be, it is always better to get the professional treatment, especially when it comes to your face. At VK Skin Spa, our estheticians are ready to consult you for free. You will get the individual LED treatment plan based on your skin condition. Are you ready to try our version of the Fountain of Youth?


Olga Nazarova, manager of VK Skin Spa

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