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Kardashian Beauty Tips You Should Never Try: Part 1

Kardashian Beauty Tips You Should Never Try: Part 1|Healthy Living>Healthy Lifestyle
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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… All these social media made our life way funnier and more interesting. Nonetheless, it also has some drawbacks you may not know about. One of them is that now we have a possibility to spy on literally every step of the celebrities.

Sure, there is nothing terrible about knowing what’s happening in the life of your favorite pop singer or movie star. But sometimes it can even lead to health problems! Surprised? Then you’d better keep on reading.

Women have always struggled to get that perfect red carpet look. The matter is that now some celebrities often share their beauty secrets with the world. Of course, if you have read our article about bizarre celebrity beauty treatments, you know that some of them may really work. Still, people usually follow celebrity beauty tips just because the big stars do it.

The biggest fuss is definitely around the Kardashians. And if they may be really good in some things (just think of all that contouring movement), the girls do not always run this world. We want to tell the truth about some famous Kardashian beauty hacks so that you won’t get on that hook of celebrity tips.

Today we are going to dwell on the weight loss tips – as they influence your health greatly. It’s not a secret that the Kardashian family impressed the public by their successful weight loss. Both Kim and Kourtney got rid of some extra pounds gained during pregnancy (60 and 35 pounds correspondingly). Also, Khloé has lost 40 pounds and seems to keep up the result. Yet, the weight loss techniques they use are rather questionable and that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about.

#1 Exercising in a sauna suit
On her app, Khloé shared a secret of extreme weight loss during cardio workouts. All she does is putting on sauna suit. Basically, this acts like a body wrap: as your skin cannot breathe properly, your body temperature rises, making you sweat a lot. As a result, you can really lose some water weight. As you probably know, water weight is not the kind of result which lasts long. But Khloé also adds that she drinks two or three times more to prevent dehydration. So it means that she puts on the exact amount that she has just lost. Plus, drinking too much water during the cardio can decrease its efficiency. So it looks like this just doesn’t make sense at all.

#2 Wearing a waist trainer
Waist-training seems to be a huge trend among the Kardashians. Kim, Kendall, Kourtney and Khloé all use it and claim that it’s extremely helpful. Khloé even wrote on her Instagram that the sweat band is a super comfortable thing she can easily put on during her workout. Here’s where the question arises: aren’t they paid for putting promoting posts on their profiles? Because the principle is pretty much the same as with the sauna suit – the tight band makes you extra-sweaty in your tummy area. But believe us, no matter how much sweat you will lose, it won’t give you that hourglass waist.

#3 Using tea wraps for slimming effect
Here we may blame Khloé and her Instagram again. In her post (again, looking like a sponsored one) she wrote about how much she adores Fit Tea Wraps. If you remember our post about body wraps, you know how it works. Yep, it’s the water weight once more. No doubt, It may come in handy if it’s all about a few pounds – and you need some super quick weight loss before the important event. But if you are striving for some more serious results, you’ll need to do far more than just putting some tea-smelling gel and wrapping it up with the plastic foil.

The fact that we’ve just smashed down these tips doesn’t mean that you have no chance to look like the Kardashian girls. Just don’t try to copy anybody’s lifestyle. Better ask a doctor and your personal trainer for a piece of advice if you really need to get rid of some weight. They are sure to create the program which will suit your individual needs and goals. Believe it or not, this was just the tip of the iceberg. In the next post, we will tell you about some weird diet tips Kardashians have for their fans. Stay beautiful and be careful with what you see on the web!

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