Before, During And After Brazilian Wax: Beginner’s Guide | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

Before, During And After Brazilian Wax: Beginner’s Guide

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Brazilian wax is one of thе topics which are rarely discussed because of some prejudice or even taboos. Today we are here to unravel all the mystery around the Brazilian wax and answer the most important questions you may ask.

#1 Does it hurt?
This is definitely the number one question every normal person will ask. And the answer is yes, definitely. But don’t hurry to faint, it’s not a secret that any kind of wax can hurt as it means pulling out the hair off your skin. The question is how much pain you can tolerate. Have you ever tried any kind of waxing before? Or maybe any body modifications like piercing or tattoos?

You should warn your esthetician about your pain tolerance before the procedure. Also, you should tell whether you are ticklish so that the specialist could treat you without discomfort.

#2 How long should the hair be?
Some women make a big mistake when they shave a couple of days before the procedure. The best length is about ¼ inch. So basically, you should stop shaving about three weeks before visiting spa.

#3 What should I do before the procedure?
First, take a shower. Estheticians do wear gloves and that’s a fact, but it doesn’t mean you should forget about the rules of the hygiene, especially when it comes to such an intimate area.

Exfoliation before the waxing will remove the dead skin cells. This will help to pull out the hair with the roots.

If you know that you may experience a lot of pain, it’s better to take a painkiller about an hour before the procedure. Don’t try to numb the area with ice – low temperature will close up the pores which can lead to more painful experience.

#4 What to do and what to avoid after the wax
The aftercare is individual for every person and you will get the exact instructions from your esthetician. Yet, the following are the rock solid rules which will help everyone.

Your skin will be sensitive and even a bit irritated afterward. Be sure that you don’t wear too tight clothes – this will only make the situation worse by rubbing against the skin. Some women prefer wearing a skirt as it gives them enough freedom.

The same principle works for your gym routine. It’s better to stop any intense leg workouts for a day or even more, depending on your skin sensitivity.

Exfoliation is a great choice both before and after the procedure. The easiest way is to use the body wash with scrub elements. Thus, you will prevent the problem of the ingrown hairs. You can also look for the body scrub at the spa.

#5 Can I wax during my period?
Here we have two points. First, not every esthetician will agree to perform the procedure while you are on your period and they have a right to refuse. Secondly, mind that your skin becomes even more sensitive. If you don’t want to turn your first Brazilian wax into the last one, it’s better to wait. The best time is right after your period finishes, so you may schedule the appointment at that particular time.

#6 When it’s better not to go for the Brazilian wax?
It’s better to postpone your visit to spa, if:

  • You are using any products containing retinol on your bikini area;
  • You are using Accutane: this makes the skin thinner which can lead to tears during waxing;
  • You already have any kind of skin damage, including sunburn, laser burn, pustules, and breakouts;
  • You are about to rock the beach party. The procedure takes off protective skin cells along with the hair, so your skin will be more exposed to the damage from sand and salt water. Also, tanning can be harmful as well.


Don’t be afraid to ask even more questions. Our specialists will answer all of them immediately. Check out our site to find more information about Brazilian wax at VK Skin Spa!

Good luck with your wax!

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