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Best Kitchen Hacks For Your Beauty: The Power Of Oatmeal

Best Kitchen Hacks For Your Beauty: The Power Of Oatmeal|Skin Care>Skin Care at Home
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We all know how great it is to start your day with a bowl of a delicious oatmeal. But did you know that it can actually calm down your eczema? Dermatologists all over the world admit that oatmeal has a bunch of qualities which can greatly benefit your skin. We are ready to present you 6 ways of using oatmeal that will change your beauty routine forever.

#1 Make A Perfect Scrub
If you already know our ultimate body scrub recipe, you can now add oatmeal into the list. The structure of oats makes it a great exfoliant, especially for the gentle skin. So if your skin is too sensitive for the salt scrub, then oatmeal is for you. Mix ground oatmeal, lemon juice, and yogurt together to make a nice face scrub. Just mind that lemon is a rather harsh ingredient, so don’t put too much of it. For the hand scrub, you will need oatmeal, honey, and olive oil. To add more fragrance into your scrub, you can also use your favorite essential oil.

#2 Fix The Result With A Mask
Once you are done with the scrubbing part, you can prepare a super mask for your face. Oatmeal is extremely moisturizing due to the amount of fat it has. Also, the antioxidants in the oats will help you to slow down the skin aging, thus eliminating the damage caused by harsh chemicals, pollution, UV rays and so on.

#3 Go For A New Cleanser
You already know about the exfoliating properties of the oatmeal. So it’s not so hard to guess that it can also make a great face cleanser. Oats are great for removing dirt and extra oil from your pores without damaging the skin. What is more, the oatmeal also has the anti-inflammatory effect. That’s actually why you can see so many products with it at the cosmetic counters.

#4 How About A Bath Of Oatmeal?
Sounds a bit gross, but you don’t really have to make a whole breakfast in your bathtub. Next time you’ll decide to take a bath, add half a cup of ground oatmeal and crown it with a bit of lavender oil. You should grind the oats for two reasons. First, it’ll strengthen the effect of the bath, and second, it’ll just look more pleasant if you won’t see any bits during the process. Oats will soften your skin and lavender will help you relax and enjoy the process. Just don’t forget to wash it off thoroughly afterward.

#5 Are You Into Dry Shampoo?
If you have blond or at least light hair, dry shampoo is an option for you. Just grind some oats and rub them into your scalp. Don’t forget to brush away the excess with the comb if you don’t want to look messy. And off you go!

#6 Calm Down Skin Irritation In A Minute
Antioxidants in oats work great not only for stopping the skin aging but also for soothing skin irritations of all kinds. Using oatmeal will help you to calm down the sun- and windburn, redness, itchiness, even eczema and psoriasis! And that’s another reason to add some oats to your bath.

Mind The Risk!

We really want you to stay perfect all the time. That is why you should know about possible side effects of using oatmeal on your skin. On the whole, it’s pretty safe. Nonetheless, you’d better consult your dermatologist before using oats as a cure for such serious issues as eczema and psoriasis. It really helps with those, but a few reports claim that some people had got the increased skin sensitivity after the procedure. Also, if you are gluten sensitive, you’d better avoid using oats or at least consult your doctor first to know the dose which is safe for you.

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