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7 Skin Care Tips After A Deep Cleansing Facial

7 Skin Care Tips After A Deep Cleansing Facial|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Skin Care>Skin Care at Home
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The deep cleansing facial is a must-do procedure for those who suffer from acne or blackheads and strive for the perfect skin. Yet, is it possible to keep the result once treatment is over? Today I will unravel 7 steps of the deep cleansing facial aftercare.

The deep cleansing facial is a complex procedure, during which your esthetician will do a number of things, including extraction, exfoliation, and moisturizing. You will also receive a facial massage afterward which will relax your muscles and increase the blood flow. All the solutions used during the procedures are professional and effective, so you will get the best possible result. The next question is: how to keep that result? Without the proper care, you might just lose all the results in a few days. So let’s have a look at some important points here.

#1 Hydrate Your Body
While it’s not recommended to apply any products on your skin, you can pretty easily hydrate it from the inside. Load up on water and track how much you drink daily. Hydration helps to flush out all the harmful toxins that threaten your clear skin. Eight glasses per day is an average amount that suits most of the people. Just don’t forget to add more if it’s hot outside or you are working out during the day.

#2 Stay Off Touching Your Face
It may sound surprising, but researchers say that people touch their faces, on average, 16 times per hour. If you don’t want to transfer all the dirt and bacteria from your hands to your face, it’s better to minimize that number for as much as possible. Your facial skin is too sensitive after the procedure. Actually, if it’s too hard for you not to touch your face, at least keep your hands clean.

#3 Clean Everything That Touches Your Face
For the same reason as the above, it is important to keep clean not only your hands but everything else that contacts your skin directly. A dirty towel or pillowcase can provoke new breakouts, so make sure you change it often enough.

#4 Skip Wearing Makeup
Not forever, of course, just for a little while. After a deep cleansing facial, your pores have just been thoroughly cleared out, so why to clog them up again right away? Makeup can be really harmful to your beauty, and after a deep cleansing, the risks only increase. Once you decide to get back to makeup, use only clean brushes and fresh sponges.

#5 Stop Washing Your Face
It may sound irrational, especially after the previous three tips. Nonetheless, that’s the rule you should stick to. Let’s be honest: your skin goes through a rather harsh procedure. It is already influenced by some cosmetic solutions. That’s why you should avoid using soap, facewash, and even plain water for at least 24 hours after the cleansing treatment.

As an alternative you may reading about ultrasound facial treatment – its very nice variant.

#6 Keep Off Any Harsh Cosmetic Products
Just as I’ve already stated, your skin gets extremely sensitive after the facial. That’s why you want to wait for a while before using any kind of peel or retinol cream. You don’t want to cause redness and further irritation, do you?

#7 Avoid The Sun As Much As Possible
The one skin care tip I will never stop telling you about is sun protection. This step is crucial for keeping the skin healthy. So it is clear that after a deep cleansing facial you should be even more careful. Wear a hat, and don’t you dare leave that SPF cream at home! It’s clear that sunbathing is a great pleasure but I beg you to drop it at least for some time after the deep cleansing.

Estheticians at VK Skin Spa (return to home page) do their best to help you get the look of your dreams. Yet, you should understand that any treatment is always a teamwork. Our results will last only if you want them to.

Good luck with your deep cleansing facial!

Olga Nazarova, manager VK Skin Spa

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