Surprisingly Good News About Acne: The Youth Recipe | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

Surprisingly Good News About Acne: The Youth Recipe

Surprisingly Good News About Acne: The Youth Recipe|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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There’s nothing more depressing for our skin than acne. The pain, redness and the age-old question: to put on the tons of makeup and hide the problem with the risk to worsen the condition or to let the world see every blemish on your face?

It seems that there is nothing good about acne… or is there? The recent studies have proven that the acne-prone skin ages slower. But first things first: let’s find out what is acne exactly and what causes it.


What Is Acne?
Nearly all people under age of 50 suffer from acne at some point in their life. So if acne is something you strive to get rid of, you should know that you are not alone. In fact, there are lots of people who can give you professional advice on your issue.

So how does acne start? First, the sebum (natural skin oil) plugs the skin pores. If a pore is large, it ends up as a blackhead, but if it’s small, it leads to the whiteheads. Both cases can further develop into nodules. Nodules are usually defined as a severe case of acne, or cystic acne. These are deep firm swellings below the skin’s surface which are, as a rule, inflamed and infected.

Even though acne is the most common face issue, it can as well appear on back, shoulders, upper arms and even the neck and chest area.


When Is It Ok To Have Acne?
Although acne is mostly perceived as a curse of teenagers, over 20% cases occur in adult age. Teenage acne usually starts in the puberty, that is around 10 to 13 years, and doesn’t last more than 10 years, ending up in the early 20s (more about teenage acne treatments in VK Skin) Age and sex don’t really matter for acne. Yet, boys are more prone to having severe cases of teenage acne as compared to girls. At the same time, women are more prone to adult acne than men.


What Are The Causes Of Acne?
Despite the widespread belief, acne isn’t caused by unhealthy diet, poor hygiene or uncontrolled sex. Nonetheless, all that can aggravate your condition, so you better shouldn’t neglect these points!

The truth is that the main reason of acne is heredity. So those people who don’t have any are simply the lucky ones who happen to have acne-free genes. But if you are prone to it genetically, even scrubbing your face 10 times per day will not help you to get rid of acne forever. Yet, proper skin care is the key to dramatically reducing this issue.

Teenage acne always starts with an increased level of hormone production. Puberty is the period of active androgen production for both boys and girls. This leads to the higher levels of testosterone which signals the body to produce more sebum. And as you already know, sebum is the main component in the acne mechanism.


What Can Be Good About Acne?
After such a bright description of acne, it seems hardly possible that there’s anything good about it. Believe it or not, but acne means your skin will age later.

The recent study has proven that there’s an extremely positive side about having acne. For years, dermatologists have argued about the nature of acne and its consequences. But one thing they knew for sure is that people prone to acne tend to age slower. Whilst this has been proven a long time ago, the reasons have been unclear until now.

The new researchers have finally discovered the truth behind the anti-aging power of acne. The reason is that acne-prone skin has an extra layer of protective caps of its telomeres, preventing the chromosomes from early weakening. This also influences dark spots, gray hair, and other age-related signs.

Now you have at least one reason to calm down about your acne. Still, the fact that acne is somehow connected with the skin youth shouldn’t make you put up with your look.

If you are unhappy with your skin, ask professionals for help! VK Skin Spa has a range of anti-acne treatments, including various facials and skin cleansing procedures. We even have a special acne solution program. So if you want to say goodbye to acne, hurry up to set an appointment and get ready for the beauty transformation!


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