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Beauty, health and great emotions is everything that woman needs for feeling astonishing! You can get all of this easily at VK Skin SPA. Here we take care of:

  • your beauty by offering the wide range of cosmetic procedures;
  • your health by providing you with treatment services;
  • your emotions by creating warm and cozy atmosphere.

Microcurrent Face Lift
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Needle Free Mesotherapy
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Mesoderm Microneedling Procedure
Mesoderm Microneedling ProcedureDetails

Oxygen Infusion
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Radio Frequency Procedure
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PCA Chemical Peel
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Body treatment
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Teeth Whitening
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LED therapy
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Eyebrows and Eyelashes Coloring
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Facial Exfoliation
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Face Massage
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Teen Acne Solutions
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Welcome To VK Skin Spa!
Are you ready to become the most beautiful woman in the universe? Everything is possible with VK Skin Spa!
Give a complete boost to your look by visiting the best spa in Brooklyn. Indulge in some pure pleasure, relaxing your body, mind, and spirit while our professional staff will take care of your beauty. Choose those services out of our extensive list which will help you to perfect your incredible beauty! We’ve developed a full guide for your amazing transformation.


Step #1 Start With A Thorough Cleanse
Wearing makeup daily may make you more attractive, but it for sure clogs your pores. As a result, the skin cells cannot regenerate properly and you end up with a dull and saggy skin. Also, no spa procedure will give you a 100% result if you don’t clean your skin first. At VK Skin Spa, we offer a whole range of peels at your disposal, including:

  • Deep Cleaning;
  • Ultrasonic Facial;
  • Microdermabrasion;
  • Enzyme Peel;
  • PCA Chemical Peel.

These treatments may use different techniques, but all of them serve the same purpose – to clean out your skin, from dirt and blackheads to pigmentation and acne scars.


Step # 2 Eliminate The Acne
Let’s face the truth: people of all ages suffer from acne. And VK Skin Spa will help you to leave that problem in the past! LED Acne Therapy is a unique type of LED light treatment aimed at healing acne and smoothing out the skin color and texture. We even have a special program for dealing with acne, so if you or your kids are suffering from the issue, we will help you all out gladly!


Step #3 Rejuvenate Your Skin
No matter how strong your wish to stay young is, no one can avoid skin aging. Yet, now you have a chance to slow down the time. The LED light therapy, for instance, isn’t created for acne treatment only. In fact, it can reduce wrinkles and give you the glowing complexion. And it is just one of the procedures we have for you! Try out the whole range of anti-aging treatments and choose one (or more) which you like most. Our list includes:

  • LED Therapy;
  • Microcurrent Face Lift;
  • Vitamin Mesotherapy;
  • Gold Mesotherapy;
  • Microneedling Procedure;
  • Oxygen Infusion;
  • Radio Frequency Procedure.


Step #4 Treat Your Body Well
Once you are done with your face, it’s high time to pay attention to your body. The high-quality exfoliation will remove all toxins and other harmful substances for your skin, so don’t hesitate to try either salt or sugar body scrub (or both).
Level up your body treatment with one of the wraps available at VK Skin Spa. Enjoy the seaweed and chocolate wrap which will improve the skin cells metabolism and normalize the functioning of the endocrine system. If you need some extra-quick weight loss, you should definitely try our anti-cellulite wrap.


Step #5 Move On To The Hair Removal
You cannot feel attractive and sexy without proper hair removal? We will help you with this one, too! At VK Skin Spa, we use only the best products, so go for the waxing without a doubt. Cold or hot wax – get whatever you like. We even do Brazilian wax here!


Step #6 Add Some Finishing Details
Aren’t you tired of putting on your makeup every day? It is so hard to draw those perfect eyebrows. And mascara always smudges in the most inappropriate moment. Now you can leave the struggle behind! There is a better way to get the perfect shade – professional coloring from VK Skin Spa!
One more must-be-done thing for the ideal look is the teeth whitening. The snow-white smile has always been a dream for millions of people. That’s why professional teeth whitening will never lose its relevance. Only 30-40 minutes - and the world-known system LumaLite will give you the instant results.


Step #7 Don’t Forget To Relax!
Nobody says that staying impeccably beautiful is super easy. So as soon as you are ready with your last procedure, make sure to give yourself a chance to relax. Our classic and plastic face massage will not only make you feel less stressed but will also increase the effectiveness of all the previous procedures.
We are ready to do everything possible so that VK Skin Spa becomes your place of happiness and relaxation. A place for creating a new, better you. Book an appointment today and get ready for the marvelous beauty makeover from the best spa in Brooklyn!

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