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Microcurrent face lift

Microcurrent face lift, BROOKLYN NY

Revolutionary and effective rejuvenation technology of Microcurrent Face Lift is advised to those who want to prevent skin aging, make it tender and elastic, tone up face, neck and neckline area. Powerful stimulating effect lasts long and provides visible results already after a couple of sessions! Give yourself youth in a short time. Be the best! Attract admiring glances of people!
  • Microcurrent Face Lift – $150

What is Microcurrent Face Lift?
A non-invasive method of gentle Microcurrent Face Lift is safe, painless and effective. Apparently, its results can be compared with plastic surgery, but here you don’t tackle the side effects or complications. This revolutionary technology of the beauty industry gently tightens and firms your skin without damaging it.

The procedure is done using special sticks that emit micro-currents. They penetrate human epidermis through certain acupuncture points, increasing collagen production that flattens and smoothens wrinkles.

The number of sessions depends on the age, type and condition of your skin. In any case, a remarkable result is visible already after your first visit to the spa. We recommend you to visit 10 procedures for the perfect effect. They will make you look 15-20 years younger!

The process of Microcurrent Face Lift
Despite the complicated name, microcurrent lifting session has pleasant and relaxing effect. Some guests are so indulged in the idle bliss on the cosmetologist’s couch that they really fall asleep. And this is not a joke! Immerse into the pleasant joy with relaxing sounds of lounge music… What could be better?

Special mix is applied on the skin. This mix is a conductor for micro charges to penetrate even deeper, affecting and moisturizing the basic dermis layers. With a jeweler’s precision the device influences the cells with the same amperage they use to “communicate” with each other. Thus, Microcurrent Face Lift normalizes natural processes of the body and works organically. Tissues start recovering on the cellular level, muscle tone is increased in a natural way, and the synthesis of collagen and elastin, elements that make your skin younger, begins.

Positive effects:
– Revitalizing and tightening of the skin: it becomes soft, smooth and silky after the first session!
– Reducing the size and quantity of wrinkles.
– Reducing the skin pore size, smoothing irregularities caused by acne or other diseases.
– Increasing elasticity of the skin and improving the facial contour.

Different age groups have their own recommendations. For example, people up to 30 years old are advised to do Microcurrent Face Lift just preventively, in order to slow down aging. People aged 30 years and older are suggested to visit a cosmetologist more often with preventive and therapeutic purposes, as in this age regenerative processes in the body start to slow down and it needs help in the recovery. People aged 50 years and more require intensive rejuvenation program that will help to restore balance of fluids in the deep dermis layers.

There are other indications, such as loss of elasticity, pigmentation, sunburn, changing of facial contours, loss of muscle tone, acne and other skin problems.

The procedure is not recommended for pregnant women. If you have an inflammatory disease with fever, it’s better to postpone your visit to the spa.

We are waiting for you in VK Skin Spa! We will help you to look much better and make your body and soul younger!

Frequently asked questions

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1. Which age is appropriate for visiting VK Skin SPA?

There are no age restrictions for visiting our place. However, you should consult the cosmetologist before signing up for the beauty session as far as some of the procedures are not recommended for people under 18 (for instance, chemical peels).

2. What is included into the price of services?

You get various bonuses for each particular case. Each procedure you order goes with our gift that includes makeup removal, skin preparation with nourishing cream and treats from VK Skin SPA for our clients: tea, coffee, sweets and fruits.
The price of the mesoderm microneedling procedure already includes the preparatory enzymatic peel as well as facial mask and LED-therapy at the end of the procedure. In order to find out which additional services are included into the promotion offers, check out the Hot Promotions page and click on the offers you like most. You are guaranteed to find a lot of pleasant surprises there!

3. What are your guarantees?

VK Skin SPA has a friendly and cozy atmosphere of complete relaxation accompanied by harmonious lounge music, sensible team of professional cosmetologists with a great hands-on experience and individual approach to each client. We guarantee to endow you with freshness, beauty and gorgeousness. What is more, we will give you the best skincare advice for your face and body that you can follow at home, as well as teach you how to take care of your amazing beauty outside VK Skin SPA and always be at your best!

4. How can I pay for the VK Skin SPA services?

Choose the payment option which is the most convenient for you: in cash, with a credit card or by check.

5. I’ve got VK Skin Spa certificate as a present, what can I choose?

If you are a lucky owner of our certificate, you can either choose the service on your own at the website or call us and get the detailed consultation. We will help you to relate your needs to the sum of the certificate and choose most suitable spa-procedures.

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