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Cold VS Hot Wax: Which Is Better For You?

Cold VS Hot Wax: Which Is Better For You?|Beauty>Hair Removal
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Hair removal is the obligatory part of the beauty routine for most women. But when it comes to waxing, there is always a struggle: which type of waxing to choose – cold or hot? Today we will take a close look at both kinds of waxing and help you to choose the most suitable one.

What Is Hot Wax?
Hot wax is usually available in two types – soft and hard. Yet, both of them work in the same way, so you may not focus on this point.

Actually, it’s obvious that if the wax is called hot, it will not give you the cooling feeling. So the procedure is the following:

  • The wax is melted;
  • It is applied to the skin;
  • The wax is removed by a piece of cloth strip (for both hard and soft wax) or by hand (if you use hard wax).

As soon as the wax dries, it clings firmly to the hair, so that it’s super easy to pull it with a quick movement. The main rule is to go in opposite direction of the growth.

What Are The Benefits Of The Hot Wax?
Hot wax has many advantages. First, the heat opens up the pores. In this way, there is no risk of ingrown hair and bumps. Also, hot wax sticks to the hair much better, increasing the effectivity of the technique. What’s more, hot wax is perfect for the short hair. So, if you can’t wait too long until your hair growth, hot wax will deal even with 1 mm (0.03 inch) hair.

Are There Any Drawbacks?
It’s clear that each technique has its disadvantages as there’s no perfect solution yet. In general, it is rather hard to learn how to use hot wax, so it may take some time. Also, it is quite messy and the preparation may take longer than the procedure itself. The main problem is that if the wax is too hot, it may burn your skin. Nonetheless, all these issues are applicable in case you do your waxing at home. Once you go for the professional hot waxing procedure, you may leave all the fears behind.

What Is Cold Wax?
The cold wax is much easier to use, especially for a simple at-home procedure. The wax is already applied to the strips, so it takes only two steps:

  • Applying the strip onto the skin;
  • Removing it in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Make sure to warm the strips with your palms a little bit so that the wax will stick to the hair.

Why Cold Wax Is Great?
The cold wax is way cheaper than hot, as it doesn’t need any extra equipment. All you need is to take the strips out of the box. Except for being extremely quick, the procedure is also less painful for most people.

Could There Be Any Disadvantages Then?
The cold wax may sound too good for you, but you should be aware of the two main disadvantages. First, it sometimes will not stick to all the hair. In the end, you will need the second application to the same area. Secondly, as it does not cling to the hair as well as hot wax, there is the increased risk of the ingrown hair.

How To Choose The Right One?
There is no universal technique that will suit you for all the cases. The choice depends on the thickness and length of the hair, your skin type and the area of treatment. Taking all that into account, you should decide on the particular type of wax.


When Is Hot Wax Better?
Hot wax is the best choice for the thick hair. Thus, it is the most suitable for armpits and bikini, as well as for male waxing. It is also highly recommended for sensitive skin as it does less harm, leading to less irritation (when performed by a professional, of course).



When To Go For Cold Wax?
If you are short of time, then cold waxing is a perfect choice for you. It may not work as great for thick hair as hot wax, but it’s definitely a better choice for thin hair on areas like arms, legs and face.

On the whole, there is no reason for you not to do waxing at home. Just keep in mind that the professionals will eliminate all the risks and perform the procedure with the utmost accuracy and delicacy.

Have you chosen your type of wax? If yes, VK Skin Spa is waiting for you! Apply for the procedure now and get ready for your waxing session.

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