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All The Truth About Microcurrent Face Lift Revealed

All The Truth About Microcurrent Face Lift Revealed|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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Not so long ago, the microcurrent therapy became a huge hit in the beauty industry. This non-invasive procedure has totally changed the world of anti-aging treatment. With the help of electric currents, you can get the youthful look in just several procedures. Are you ready to find out more? Today I want to tell you all the truth about the microcurrent face lift.

#1 Say Goodbye To Painful Botox
Microcurrent is a way better than Botox because of one significant detail: it does completely the opposite thing. Even though both microcurrent treatment and Botox serve for the same aim, which is to get a youthful look, they have totally different mechanisms.

Botox provides a kind of ‘freezing’ effect to your face. As we all know, it partially immobilizes the muscles which cause fine lines and wrinkles. As long as the muscle is inhibited, it cannot lead to any healthy consequences. In fact, a hefty dose of Botox may even result in the muscle atrophy. Thus, you risk getting hollow skin and marionette lines.

The microcurrent treatment does not paralyze the muscles. Instead, it stimulates and lifts them. While Botox makes your skin dull and sunken in the long run, microcurrent plumps it up, giving you a healthy and glowing look.

#2 The Main Secret Of The Microcurrent Face Lift
I believe that you can never get all the benefits from the procedure until you understand how it works. So what is the secret of the microcurrent facial?

There are more than 30 muscles in our face. During the procedure, each of them receives a slight microcurrent impulse. Using the combination of ultra-low frequencies and a modified waveform, the special machine can recharge the electrical potential of the face muscles. Actually, it leads to even further rejuvenation process.

Instead of just making the muscles contract, this therapy ‘awakens’ them and restarts the muscle memory. So, the muscles start to re-learn and lift up to the position they’ve been before, giving you that young and fresh skin.

#3 Get Ready To Enjoy All The Perks Of The Microcurrent
Now as you know the mechanism, it’s high time to tell you what you will get with the help of it. On the whole, the major benefits of the microcurrent facial are the following:

  • re-educating muscles, making them lift naturally;
  • increasing lymph and blood circulation;
  • boosting the elastin and collagen production;
  • enhancing the penetration of active ingredients of cosmetic solutions during further skin care treatments.

How will you know that the level of collagen in your skin increased? This will reflect in your look! Smaller skin pores, softer and smoother skin texture, improved facial contour and almost no wrinkles – these are only some major results of the microcurrent therapy!

#4 Keep In Mind The Dos And Don’ts
Although the results of the treatment are completely positive, you should always remember about the precautions – unless you want to harm your skin. Microcurrent is suitable for those who are already experiencing any skin aging processes and want to slow them down. It is also great for those who want to prevent it at the early stage. Yet, different intensity of procedures is recommended for people of different age. If you are 30, then microcurrent is a purely preventive procedure and shouldn’t be done too often. But if you are 40, 50, and further – it’s okay to visit the spa for this treatment more often.

Dear girls, remember that our beauty is in our hands. Don’t let the wrinkles ruin your look and try out the microcurrent treatment from VK Skin Spa today! Request the appointment now and prepare for the magical transformation!

Olga Nazarova, manager of VK Skin Spa

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