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Cold VS Hot Wax: Which Is Better For You?|Beauty>Hair Removal

Cold VS Hot Wax: Which Is Better For You?

Hair removal is the obligatory part of the beauty routine for most women. But when it comes to waxing, there is always a struggle: which type of waxing to choose – cold or hot? Today we will take a close look at both kinds of waxing and help you t…

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Healthy Eating For Healthy Skin|Beauty>Eyebrows and eyelashes

Healthy Eating For Healthy Skin

Food is the source of life as nothing can live without it. If you take care about your body you know that some food may ruin your figure. What you may not know is that some food can ruin your skin as well! In other words, what you eat influences y…

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How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps|Beauty

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps

Every woman knows that there is no such mini skirt that will make you the beauty queen if your legs are not in the good shape. Believe it or not, spending hours in a gym is not enough. There is always the esthetic part. When it comes to hair remov…

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