The Ultimate List Of Eyebrow Tips To Make You The Beauty Queen | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

The Ultimate List Of Eyebrow Tips To Make You The Beauty Queen

The Ultimate List Of Eyebrow Tips To Make You The Beauty Queen|Beauty>Makeup
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Which woman doesn’t want to be gorgeous from head to toes? A lot of women know how to choose the right haircut, but when it comes to the eyebrow shape, the struggle begins. The right shape will boost your natural beauty and make you look young and fresh. It will open up your eyes and improve the face symmetry so that you will not have to wear make-up all the time.

Sounds good for you? Then keep on reading.

The eyebrow trends have been constantly changing through the history of woman beauty. Recently, The British Vogue has created a video which nicely demonstrates these changes:

So, what should be done to get those amazing eyebrows that suit you? First, you need to know the shape of your face. The eyebrows create the frame for your eyes and the whole face. Here are the tips of eyebrow shaping for the most common face types.

Round Face
When you have a round face, all you need is to add some sharpness. For that reason, the best option is the high arch with sharp angles. Just don’t go too high or you’ll look ridiculous.

Oval Face
Those with the oval faces are really lucky. They can go with any eyebrow shape they want. Thick or thin, arched or flat – everything will look good on that face type. Just make sure they look natural and don’t remind of any of the 1930’s stars.

Heart-shaped Face
This one sounds so sweet, but don’t be quick to celebrate. The matter is that heart-shaped face is the trickiest type when choosing the eyebrow shape. The accent is already made on the upper part of the face, so thick eyebrows don’t look good combined with the smaller jaw. Even though some Cara Delevingne fans may object to this, most will agree that neat Reese Witherspoon’s eyebrows look far more natural and elegant that those bushy Cara’s brows. Although thick eyebrows are in the trend now, you’d better not blindly follow every fashion trend.

Long Face
If you don’t want to make your face look like a cross, you’d better avoid flat eyebrows. At the same time, don’t make the arch too curvy – this will make your face to look even longer. The perfect variant for you is the gentle arch, a bit longer on the sides. The height of the eyebrows doesn’t really matter. It is the point of curviness that can spoil your image.

Square Face
The square shape is rather rare, but if you have such a face – know that you are not alone. This case is straight the opposite to the round face case. While round shape lacks angularity, with the square face you need more softness in your look. Thus, the gentle arch is the best way out. The sharp angles will only make your face even more square than it already is.

Still, knowing the shape of your face is only the first step to success. Next thing you need to remember is the golden ratio of eyebrow shaping. You are definitely familiar with it (see the picture if not). You can even prolongate your eyebrow a bit. The main thing is not to make the ending lower than the beginning of the eyebrow. Otherwise, you will get that ‘always sad’ look. Doesn’t sound attractive, does it?

Another extremely important tip for you is not to overtweeze. You can always make your brows thinner if you need too, but going too far with the plucking may create the real catastrophe. While you can pluck the hair in a minute, it needs much more time to grow back. Besides, if you have naturally full eyebrows, it’s better not to make them too thin or you won’t be able to keep up with all those scarce hairs growing back.

Once you are happy with your eyebrows shape, you may still feel some discomfort about their color. Try out eyebrow coloring from VK Skin Spa and you will get that stunning look from your dreams!

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