6 Tips To Prevent Ingrown Hair After Waxing | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

6 Tips To Prevent Ingrown Hair After Waxing

6 Tips To Prevent Ingrown Hair After Waxing|Body Care
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When it comes to the ingrown hair, it doesn’t really matter whether you’ve done your waxing at home or it was performed by the best professional. The problem may arise irrespectively to the quality of the procedure.

The ingrown hair may be of two types. First is the hair which is too weak to break the surface of the skin as it grows. Second is the hair which grows back into the skin due to some reasons. It often happens in the areas where the hair is thick and curly, like the underarms or bikini line. Even though waxing is aimed at getting rid of the unwanted hair, it is also one of the major reasons of the ingrown hair.

Waxing (read more about waxing in SPA VK Skin) supposedly removes the hair with the follicles, but sometimes it breaks the hair above or below the skin surface. The latter is even worse because the hair looks as if removed, but it may later become the reason of inflammation. Tearing the hair creates sharp edges. They are helping the hair to grow back into the skin.

Nonetheless, ingrown hair isn’t something you have to live with. Today we have the list of 6 easy steps which will help you to deal with this problem in a wink.

#1 Do not wax too often
Remember that your hair should be long enough for the procedure. Once you ignore this point, you risk getting even more ingrown hair. If you redo the treatment too often, the wax will not grasp all the hair, resulting in broken hairs and inflammation.

#2 Exfoliation is the half of success
Exfoliating your skin is the only way to get rid of the dead skin cells. This will ensure that all the hair will get pulled out during the waxing. While most women exfoliate their skin before the procedure, they usually forget about it after the treatment. The skin renews itself each day and if you will not scrub away all the dead skin cells which appear after the moment of waxing, they will block the way for new hair. Thus, you will get even more ingrown hairs.

Make sure that you do not scrub the inflamed or irritated areas. This will only make everything worse. Regular exfoliation at least a couple of times per week will reduce the risk of ingrown hair to the minimum.

#3 Wax once and no more!
No, we don’t want to say you can get the treatment only once in the lifetime. The trick is not to wax the same spot over and over during the same procedure. The best way here is to go to the salon. Professional estheticians at VK Skin SPA will do everything at the highest level.

#4 Tight clothes aren’t an option
Even if you look like a goddess in your tight jeans, you’d better leave the fashion behind when it comes to your health. Wearing tight synthetic clothing will rub against the skin, irritate it and cause the hair to grow in. Going for loose clothуі made of linen or cotton fabric will give more freedom to your skin.

#5 Go for shaving instead
Whether you want it or not, waxing causes the mechanic trauma to your hair. Pulling it out at an angle may change the trajectory of its growth. Thus, it will grow to the side instead of growing through the surface of your skin. Shaving does not cause such damage, so this may be an option for you. But mind that this option is only suitable if you have thin hair. Shaving creates sharp edges and, as we’ve already mentioned, thick hair with sharp edges is mostly prone to growing into the skin.

#6 If nothing helps, visit a doctor!
Some women prefer to neglect the problem. Actually, this may result in some serious problems with your health. If none of the above steps help you, you would want to consult a doctor. Ingrown hair may start as a little unpleasant cosmetic and end up as a serious inflammation process. So it’s better not to risk your beauty because of the laziness and ignorance.

Waxing is the great procedure which will help you to get rid of the hair quickly and effectively. Follow our steps and make your beauty routine completely safe! If you are ready, click the ‘Request an appointment’ button above and get the free consultation about the best waxing experience in your life!



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