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Pros And Cons Of Teeth Whitening: Be First To Find Out!

Pros And Cons Of Teeth Whitening: Be First To Find Out!|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Beauty>Teeth Beauty
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Have you ever dreamed of having such stunning white teeth as celebrities have? If yes, you’ve definitely had half a mind about going through the teeth whitening procedure. Our teeth may get stained with time even though they were snow-white some years ago. Drinking wine and coffee as well as smoking and chewing tobacco will all lead to worsening your teeth condition.

Discolored teeth make your smile seem dull and less attractive. Nonetheless, don’t hurry up to book an appointment for a whitening procedure. First, you should consult a professional whether you are allowed to get it. Sometimes it may not be suitable for your teeth. For instance, people with sensitive gums and teeth or those with crowns and veneers are not qualified to get whitening. It is also hard to bleach teeth with brown or even grayish tint – these do not whiten too well.

If the visit to the doctor ends up well and you are ready for the miracle of teeth whitening, you’d better look at the pros and cons of the procedure.Thus, you will not be surprised by any details.

What are the risks?
If the procedure is performed by the professional (like those who work at VK Skin SPA), there are no risks for your health. Nonetheless, you should:

#1 Be ready for some discomfort
Professional teeth whitening is nothing like the DIY remedies. The former uses special chemical bleaching substances which often include the peroxide. Thus, you may find your gums and teeth sensitive to some of the components.

#2 Avoid some of your favorite foods and drinks
If you want to keep the effect on and not ruin it right after the first treatment, you will have to give up some of your favorite things. This includes foods and drinks that contain tannin or acids. Berries, soy sauce, red wine, and coffee – those are just some of the products you’ll need to cross out from your diet.

#3 Keep on treating your beauty
Do not get it wrong: instead of treating your stomach with sweets, you will have to repeat the teeth whitening procedure after some time. If you do not re-visit your esthetician, even the prescribed brushing and flossing will not save your teeth from going back to their primary state.

Why should I even bother then?
Even though the disadvantages may sound a bit disturbing, you’d better think of all the great things that will happen once you whiten your teeth. With the help of the treatment, you can:

#1 Improve your appearance with a healthy smile
Whitening your teeth enhances your smile, making it brighter. It also removes all the stains from the teeth surface. As a result, the color will not only be brighter, but also much evener.

#2 Get a younger look right after the first procedure
Our teeth do not stain in several days. This process takes months and even years. For that reason, discolored teeth are often associated with getting old. Getting them white will definitely take some years off.

#3 Make a change to your life
Along with the improved look, you have a chance to change your whole life. First, bright smile boosts your look, then your self-esteem. This can have a positive effect on other aspects of your life, too. Being more confident, you’ll be able to take serious decisions far more easily.

Going for a teeth whitening is a decision which should not be taken on the spot. Once you have weighed all pros and cons, it’s high time to choose that magician who will change your image in less than one hour.

Be sure that at VK Skin SPA we have only the best estheticians, all ready to make your smile unforgettable. Click the ‘Request an appointment’ button above and prepare for the astonishing transformation.

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