Eyebrow And Eyelashes Coloring: All The Questions Answered | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

Eyebrow And Eyelashes Coloring: All The Questions Answered

Eyebrow And Eyelashes Coloring: All The Questions Answered|Beauty>Makeup
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Our eyes are the windows to our souls. Perhaps, that’s why women spend lots of time and tons of makeup to make them pop. Shadows, liners, pencils, mascara – these are the number one friends of every stylish girl. We have no doubt that you’ve already tried out every single mascara which is said to strengthen your lashes and make them longer. There are also medications which promise the same result. The bravest of you even wear fake lashes to get the desirable length and thickness.

While most of us have found our perfect mascaras, some women are just not created for it. Some are allergic to its components, while others simply do not like the chore of putting it on every morning and removing before going to bed. What should you do if you are one of them? Keep on reading to find out the answer.

Nice eyebrows are as important for our face as lashes. It doesn’t really matter whether you tweeze, thread or wax them. These pretty arches help to balance the face, giving you the more vibrant look. Keeping your eyebrows neat is not enough for a stunning look. Sometimes they need some color. Even though you can use special pencils, shadows, brow gel and so on, it’s too tiresome to do this on the daily basis.

As the main struggle with eyebrows is the same as with the eyelashes, it’s not surprising that they have the same solution: coloring. Read more about eyebrows coloring in our salon VK Skin.

#1 How Does It Work?
During the eyebrows coloring, the first thing which is done is applying Vaseline to the skin around the arches. This has two functions: first, it protects the skin and second, the tint doesn’t smear all over your forehead. Then the esthetician applies the actual dye onto your brows. If you know how the hair dyeing is performed, you already know how the eyebrow tint works. It colors only the hairs and not the skin. After 10 minutes all the excess dye is removed with a wet cloth.

The eyelashes coloring process differs only in a few aspects. First, except for applying Vaseline, a cotton pad is put under the bottom lashes to protect the gentle skin under the eyes. The procedure is also twice long as the tint is applied two times, lasting for 7 minutes each time. Then the cotton pad is removed and all the residue of the dye is wiped out. The eyes are also rinsed with a saline solution to make sure nothing has seeped into the eye.

#2 Is There Any Possible Danger?
One thing you should remember is that there are no FDA-approved eyebrow and eyelash dyes. That is why it is important to check thoroughly the spa you are going to visit. At VK Skin we guarantee that we use only the best and the safest tint so that nothing will ruin your perfect day at the spa.

#3 How To Make It Last Longer?
As a rule, the color stays on for about four to six weeks both on eyebrows and eyelashes. What is more, you can build upon your tints – this will help it to last longer over time. Another way to prolong the effect is to avoid any wipes, cleansers, and moisturizers that are oil-based. This will only dissolve the dye faster. Yet, if you have to add some more color or maybe vary it a bit with the help of a brow pencil or mascara, you are free to go as this will do no harm to the tint.

#4 Who Should Try It?
If you think that your eyebrows lack some definition, press the ‘Request an appointment’ button above right now! Eyebrow tint can be customized for your unique look, so don’t hesitate for a second. Eyelashes coloring is more of a thing for people with light hair. Usually, lashes fade at the ends and that’s why coloring makes such a great change for blondes. It is also extremely popular among the on-the-go girls. If you go to the gym or the beach, you won’t have to worry about smudges and lumps anymore. Sounds rather alluring, doesn’t it?

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