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5 Kitchen Hacks Your Skin Will Be Thankful For

5 Kitchen Hacks Your Skin Will Be Thankful For|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Skin Care>Skin Care at Home
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No woman can look 100% perfect without the clean skin. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your eyes are or how many hours you’ve spent in the gym to build your muscles if all this isn’t crowned with the flawless skin. It reflects your health with the highest accuracy, so make sure to take proper care of your skin by cleaning and nourishing.

Some ladies underrate the importance of the basic skin care rules. Ignoring the sun protection, smoking and drinking alcohol – all that makes your skin saggy and dull. In more severe cases it can even lead to the skin cancer.

The biggest skin care crime is forgetting about thorough cleansing, especially before going to bed. Sleeping with the makeup on clogs the pores, making it harder for skin to regenerate throughout the night. Even if you didn’t wear any cosmetics on your face for the whole day long, it’s not the reason to skip cleansing. The dead skin cells, dirt from the polluted air and sweat block up your skin as well. So don’t be lazy to spend some extra minutes at the bathroom before falling asleep after a tiresome day at work.

You shouldn’t also forget how the healthy diet is important for the glowing skin. Wisely combining the skin care rules and healthy lifestyle you can gradually make your skin young again. Even if you have thought that there is no way out, you can easily do that. There is no need to spend a fortune in search of a perfect skin product. In fact, it is enough to visit your kitchen and bathroom on the daily basis. Today we count down 5 easy skin care products you can find in your kitchen.

#1 Go For A Sugar Scrub
The skin on your face always needs gentle exfoliation. You will hardly find anything better than a homemade scrub. You can check out our ultimate body scrub recipe and choose the option which suits you most. Just remember to use sugar instead of salt as exfoliant so that you will not damage your skin.

#2 The Power Of Cold Against Puffiness
Once you’ve scrubbed your skin it’s high time to beat the morning puffiness under your eyes. Put a spoon in the fridge just the night before. In the morning, apply it onto your skin. Other options are cool teabags and cucumbers. Just check out whether they are not icy-cold – or you risk to damage the gentle skin under your eyes.

#3 Get Some Salt For Your Feet
If you feel that the skin on your feet is dry,
rough or even cracked, it means they also need some scrubbing. If you’ve read our article about the difference between salt and sugar scrubs, you already know that salt is the best option for body scrub when it comes to feet – as far as it provides you with a deeper exfoliating effect.

#4 Add Aloe To Soothe Your Acne
The Aloe vera plant is well-known for its ability to reduce inflammation. Simply take the leaf and cut it in halves so that you can apply the juicy part of the plant directly on the skin. Aloe will help you not only to reduce the existing inflammation, but also to prevent future breakouts. If you want to save some for later or you simply don’t like the standard way of application, you can squeeze the aloe juice into the ice cube tray and then rub that ice onto your skin.

#5 It’s Time For Honey VS Burns
Nobody is safe from the accidents. You can burn yourself with a tea kettle, saucepan or hair iron even if you are always careful with this stuff. Next time it happens (although we wish you not to suffer this pain), refuse the old known method of applying ice. Actually, it will damage your skin even more.

Go for some raw honey instead and you will feel all the benefits of this method. If you don’t have honey, aloe will work as well (just use the fresh leaves, not the frozen juice cubes).

That’s all for today’s kitchen skin hacks. Be sure to check our blog regularly so that you won’t miss anything useful. Stay healthy and beautiful, girls!

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