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Beauty Against Smoking: Say No To Tobacco!

Beauty Against Smoking: Say No To Tobacco!|Beauty|Between us girls
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Only a century ago, a block of cigarettes was claimed to be a great Christmas gift. Today, the world is all against smoking. Even though we know pretty well what are the consequences, sometimes it’s too hard to stay off this habit. Probably, some people just can’t quit smoking because mouth and lung cancer are not as frequent as flu as well as sex life and fertility problems. Will it help you to quit if we say that smoking can ruin your beauty forever?

The World No Tobacco Day is officially the May 31st, but should we forget about the smoking problem for the rest of the year? Of course, this problem influences both men and women. But the latter are proven to be more susceptible to smoking-related skin damage. Today we will tell you about the most frequent tobacco dangers.

It’s not only about the surface of your skin. Don’t think that the smoke from cigarettes lands on your skin and that’s the only way it damages it. In fact, it has a complex influence on your beauty on all levels.

First, the nicotine damages the blood vessels, making them thinner and smaller. This condiderably reduces the blood flow. Thus, your skin doesn’t get enough oxygen and other nutritious elements. This leads to the dull and dry skin. Sagging is typical not only for your face but also for your body, making you look instantly older for ten years or even more. Keep in mind that smoking is the number one cause of sagging breasts.

It seems nearly impossible, but the cigarette smoke contains over 4000 damaging components which harm your skin each time you inhale. No wonder it results in ruining collagen and elastin completely. Those two are elements responsible for elasticity and smoothness of your skin. In the long run, it will make your skin saggy and cause the appearance of premature wrinkles.

Believe it or not, opting for cigarettes with less nicotine won’t make the situation better. There are other negative aspects of smoking waiting for you. For instance, your skin is constantly exposed to heat from a lightened cigarette which adds up to the appearance of wrinkles. Heat causes trauma to your skin as well. Plus, you may not notice it, but people who smoke always repeat the same facial expressions – like squinting eyes to keep out smoke our pouting lips to make a whiff. This also causes fine lines, which later develop into deep wrinkles.

Another drawback of smoking is skin discoloration. The pale and patchy complexion may be common for older people. But who wants to get age spots before becoming an old lady?

Here’s more to be afraid of: you can say goodbye to your perfect smile. We bet that if you are smoking, you have already spotted the difference. And no matter how many teeth whitening procedures you go through, it always comes back with a double force.

Are you ready to give up on your beauty? Because we believe that it’s definitely better to give up smoking.

Once you are ready, throw away your last cigarette and come to VK Skin Spa. Here our best professionals will conquer all the problems you are struggling with.

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