Amazing Microcurrent Facial Is Your Key To Youth | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

Amazing Microcurrent Facial Is Your Key To Youth

Amazing Microcurrent Facial Is Your Key To Youth|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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Microcurrent is the golden mine for those who want to take some years off their face. It is, without a doubt, one of the most effective non-surgical anti-aging treatments.

What Is Microcurrent?
It is a low-electricity current similar to the natural currents in the human body. By applying the microcurrent to the skin, the aesthetician boosts chemical reactions. It then leads to the increased production of elastin and collagen, improved blood circulation and tightened face muscles. As a result, a person gets the firm, smooth and re-hydrated skin. Moreover, lifting, sculpting and tightening the skin diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And you can get all that with zero downtime!

Why Do People Get Saggy Skin?
Before dwelling on the mechanisms of microcurrent facial, it is important to consider the problem itself. What happens to our skin as we age? First of all, over time, our muscles get used to some facial expressions and tend to stay in particular positions.That’s why you can often hear that you should stay positive because frowning all the time will leave you with wrinkles and sadness.

Unfortunately, our muscles don’t stay strong all the time. As we get older, those muscles which we use less get atrophied, which is the cause of sagging. All the saggy skin around the jaw lines, necks and chins is the result of such muscle atrophy. It may sound a bit depressing, but by the age of 45, the muscles in these vulnerable areas may elongate up to half an inch, smudging the natural contours of your face.

How Does Microcurrent Work?
During the treatment, microcurrent manipulates 32 different muscles on your face, lifting, toning and tightening them. By shortening and lengthening muscles, microcurrent re-shapes the entire face contour. Repeated moves train your muscles to get back into the desired position, and the microcurrent gives your muscles the necessary energy to maintain this position for a long time.

What Are The Benefits Of The Facial?
In the long run, microcurrent treatment provides you with a range of changes in your appearance. This includes:

  • Reduced number of fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Tight and strong facial muscles;
  • Increased blood circulation;
  • Higher collagen and elastin levels;
  • Jaw and eyebrow lifting;
  • Diminished acne;
  • Lymph drainage;
  • Sun damage treatment;
  • Improved skin tone;
  • Highly hydrated skin;
  • Rejuvenated look.


Are There Any Precautions?
Although the treatment itself is painless, there are still some contraindications to keep in mind, namely pregnancy, thrombosis, phlebitis, epilepsy and cancer. In case you are not pregnant and don’t suffer from any of the conditions mentioned, you are welcome to try out the procedure.

How Long Will The Results Last?
As far as the main principle of the treatment is re-educating the muscles, you should understand that any kind of education requires some time. That’s why one treatment is not enough. The effect of microcurrent facial is cumulative, meaning that you should go for a series of treatments if you want to reach the most effective result. Yet, once a series is done, the work on your beauty isn’t over. The results will not stay forever, thus you might want to complete another series to maintain the look. But don’t worry, this will happen as often as once in two or three years.

Make sure that you choose the best place to get your facial at so that you don’t risk either your beauty nor your health. VK Skin Spa guarantees that our aestheticians will do their best to turn back the clock of the youth for you!


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