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7 Ways To Deal With Pigmentation

7 Ways To Deal With Pigmentation|Skin Care>Skin Care at Home
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What woman doesn’t dream about flawless skin? Yet, often lots of skin issues are keeping us away from the ideal. The skin can be extremely oily or, to the contrary, as dry as the Sahara desert. Add all those pimples and blackheads… Even when the texture is perfect, there is another obstacle on our way: uneven skin tone. Freckles, dark spots, pigmentation – is that familiar to you? Then you are in the right place! Today we reveal 7 super easy DIY hacks for dealing with pigmentation.

#1 Potato
It may sound surprising, but potatoes are great for beating the pigmentation. For this method, you will need the potato juice. The most effective way is to squeeze the juice out of a potato. If you are short of time, you can cut the potato into two and put a few drops of water on the cut surface. Soak the cotton pad in the juice and apply to the problem areas (rub the half of the potato if you are using the second method). Leave it on for a half an hour and then rinse off with warm water. After a month of such simple procedures, you are sure to notice first considerable results.

#2 Lemon and cucumber
What can be better than a lightening product? Two of them put together! The harsh action of lemon will be soothed with the gentle cucumber juice. If you have sensitive skin, don’t overuse the lemon – it’s better to wait a bit longer for a result.

#3 Papaya
If you’ve read our article about the DIY scrub recipe, you already know that papaya is often used for exfoliation. The enzyme papain from the fruit boosts the process of skin regeneration. In the end, the damaged area gets replaced with the new skin cells.

#4 Almond and milk
Sometimes pigmentation may be caused by the dryness of the skin. To fight this problem you may need some tasty nuts. Take almonds and soak them before going to bed. The day after, take the skin off the nuts and mash them with milk to form a smooth paste. Apply it over the problem areas. The almond is a lightening agent, while milk is a well-known natural moisturizer. Thus, you get two solutions in one.

#5 Guava and banana
Guava and banana mixture is another tasty treatment for making your skin perfect. Both fruits are highly effective for skin exfoliation and lightening the dark spots. Mix the ingredients and apply on your face for 15-20 minutes. Repeating this daily will bring the results sooner than you think!

#6 Vinegar
Scar Jo is already using apple cider vinegar as a tonic
for those days of breakouts. Still, it’s not the only possible use. Application of vinegar will help you to make your skin clear and bright again. But be aware that this method is extremely powerful, so if you have sensitive skin, you’d better go for more delicate methods. But in case you still want to use vinegar, dilute it with water in equal parts and use to wash your face. There is no need to rinse it off. Don’t forget to use a moisturizing cream afterward not to dry your skin out.

#7 Avocado
Avocado is a natural remedy that has several benefits, including skin rejuvenation, healing, and lightening. The scheme is the same: mash the fruit into a smooth paste and apply to the problem spots. Using the avocado juice itself may be effective as well. Make sure you don’t have latex allergy beforehand.

If you follow any of these 7 tips, you will forget about pigmentation within a few months. Nonetheless, if you don’t want the problem to come back, remember about three simple rules. Firstly, avoid direct exposure to the sun. Protect your skin with the sunscreen lotion with at least 30 SPF. Secondly, reconsider your diet. Green leafy vegetables, fruits and plenty of water make wonders for your skin. Finally, keep up the personal hygiene. If you don’t clean your skin properly, new problems are irrevocable.

After all, beauty is about being comfortable in one’s own skin, isn’t it?

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