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5 Ways To Avoid Spa Catastrophe

5 Ways To Avoid Spa Catastrophe|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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There are dozens of ways for a spa facial to end up wrong. The specialist can be not a specialist at all, ignore sanitary practices, leave the room during the procedure and not follow proper procedure techniques. That’s why it is extremely important to be careful while choosing spa for any type of facial procedure.

Of course, you can ask your friends for advice, but even this cannot secure you completely. Anitra Brown, spas expert, has shared her story of bad spa experience from the professional point of view.

Once she worked in the spa where the manager was an extremely cheap person. She made cosmetologist reuse sponges, believing that “sterilizing” them in a piece of equipment for holding hard tools could somehow help. Anitra tried speaking to her, but there was no response. Then she started making her own cotton pads and finally quit because of being “unethical”. At the same time, it was considered normal that clients paid $100 for the facial with contaminated sponges.

Such experience made Anitra create a set of rules for eliminating risks during a facial. Here is her list of the most potential risks during the procedure.

#1 Unsanitary Conditions
There is a set of rules for esthetician to follow, about sanitary conditions and procedure management. All the equipment and hard devices must be wiped or sprayed with a special sanitizer, killing bacteria. Sheets should be changed after each procedure. There are two things which you can easily notice yourself: whether the cosmetologist washes hands and whether sponges are in a sealed bag.

#2 The Wrong Products
The number one task of esthetician is to help you choose the right facial. Chemical peel may be super-effective, but in case you have highly sensitive skin, it will do nothing except for harm. If a cosmetologist agrees to carry out the procedure without determining your skin type, be sure to throw your money down the drain and get the worst facial in your life.

#3 Leaving The Room
The cosmetologist should be present the whole time. Even if you have some time to wait until the mask works she still has to be present. Good esthetician will put on some relaxing music and give you a neck massage. The only possible exception is if there is an emergency and a specialist will go out for a few seconds. You can even ask the receptionist whether it is a common practice in the spa so that you will know what to expect.

#4 Too Many Extractions
Even if you have some severe skin issues, the process of extraction cannot last longer than ten minutes, so don’t let the cosmetologist get carried away. If you need more, you should come next time and get another facial.

#5 It Is A Mismatch
This one is not dangerous for your skin, but it can ruin the whole atmosphere for you. For instance, you come at spa and expect to relax in silence and enjoy gentle touches of the expert’s hands. Instead of that, your cosmetologist slaps you, chattering all the time. Of course you can ask a person to stop during the procedure, but it is better to explain what you want to get beforehand.

What To Do In Case Of A Bad Facial?
If for any reasons you were unlucky to have bad facial experience, the first thing to do is to complain at the check desk right after the procedure. Do not yell or abuse the cosmetologist – just let the receptionist understand the reasons of your dissatisfaction with the service.

To sum up, we have another piece of advice for you. Come at VKSkin Spa and forget about troubles! We use only sterile equipment and the best products. Our highly qualified specialists will treat you with the best respect as far as major feature of our spa is individual approach to each client.

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