The Secret Of Youth Revealed: Why Women Love Plastic Facial Massage | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

The Secret Of Youth Revealed: Why Women Love Plastic Facial Massage

The Secret Of Youth Revealed: Why Women Love Plastic Facial Massage|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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While we are young, our face is nice and clean. Only when we smile, frown or express any other emotions, we have expression lines. Later on, the skin loses its natural elasticity – and permanent wrinkles appear. The interesting thing is that there is the theory of the so-called ‘muscle memory’. It says you can judge one’s temper and habits by their wrinkles. Does that mean the more you smile, the worse you face will get? We don’t want to agree with this!

Naturally, no woman will put up with the fact that her age is visible on her face. That is why it is better to take proper care of your skin. The best time to start is while you are still young. We all know that prevention is the best solution for any kind of skin issues. Yet, it doesn’t mean that with age, you are doomed to have wrinkles. It’s never too late to become young again.

Today we are not going to tell you about any invasive procedures. The secret of youth is right onat your fingertips. Interested? Then you’d better keep on reading.

If you have ever wondered which anti-aging treatment is the most pleasant one, the answer is here: it’s facial massage. Sounds surprising for you? But don’t hurry up to do it yourself. Even though you can always performdo somye form of facial self-massage on your own, it is still better to rely on the skills of experts.

When the massage is done by a specialist, it benefits your skin much more, and also gives gives you some time to relax. Massage smoothes out wrinkles and helps you to beat such problems as skin pollution and aging. It also makes your skin clean, soft and elastic.

Massage is the unique procedure. While it is done on the surface of the skin, massage influences it from the deep inside, stimulating the blood circulation. Running more actively, blood brings more oxygen to skin cells. This leads to the healthy glow and gentle texture of your skin which will make you young again.

There are as well other advantages of facial massage as well. This includes lightning complexion, eliminating the puffiness of the skin and beating the problem of a double chin. As the face is the most sensitive part of our body, full of small muscles, the results of the massage are best seen here.

The plastic facial massage is the number one option for the mature skin. It reduces the excessive sebum production, improves muscle tonuse and the skin tone.

The procedure of the facial massage is more intensive than some other techniques and the effect maycan be compared to the effect of special anti-aging injections and other rejuvenating treatments. Combined with the skin peeling, the result is much, much better!

Nowadays plastic facial massage is the safest and the most natural way to get your youth and beauty back.

The plastic facial massage is the unique technique which consists of rhythmic pressing movements across the massage lines. This type of massage type does not only raises the tone of the withering skin and enhances the metabolic processes in the skin, but also helps with reducing the pigmentation, puffiness and expression lines on your face.

There is no doubt thatOf course, the whole body massage has lots of its benefits, however. Yet facial massage doubles these benefits as it influences both your body and mind.

If you get the plastic massage done regularly and stick to the healthy lifestyle at the same time, then you can stay young and beautiful for a long time. If you are ready for theis change, you should remember that it is better to repeat the procedures constantlyregularly. soOnly in this case that, the effect will be long-lasting.

Are you ready for your portion of beauty and relaxation? Try out the plastic facial massage at VK Skin Spa! We are waiting for you!

Olga Nazarova, manager of VK Skin SPA

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