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Teenage Acne – How To Beat It?

Teenage Acne – How To Beat It?|Advice From Olga Nazarova|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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Teenage period is perhaps the most romantic period in our life. This passage from childhood to adult life brings so many bright emotions and worries, including constant thoughts about our appearance.

Unfortunately, acne or rush is a big problem during that period. Plus braces, plus ‘He doesn’t even look at me’…

But let’s go back to acne. Even though it is a serious issue, it is not that difficult to beat it. And the victory over this problem is quite real.

The Reasons of Teenage Acne
The reasons of teenage skin problems are many – from the unbalanced diet and vitamin deficiency to the hormonal disorders which are usual for the puberty period. These disorders are caused by the high level of androgens – male sex hormones, regardless of the kid’s sex.

Besides, teens’ autonomic nervous system is quite disrupted. This leads to the excessive secretion of sebum. And that is the most frequent reason of rush, acne and blackheads.

As teens are trying to get rid of pimples as soon as possible, they are popping them, frequently ignoring the hygiene of the procedure. This soon leads to the inflammation of the clogged skin pores. As a result, the surface of the rush increases, and the circle closes.

What has to be done?
It is not an easy task to get rid of acne, but it’s important to remember two things. First of all, dozens of factors influence our skin. Secondly, each teen has a unique metabolic system, so there is no universal formula. The main thing to remember is three whales of the skin care at home – cleansing, moisturizing and protection.

Beauty cannot exist without cleanliness. That is why the skin care should start with the correct and thorough cleansing. The main triggers of acne are dust and dirt that accumulate on the skin throughout the day. For that reason one should clean the skin not less than twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. If needed, the skin should be cleaned during the day after exercising or in hot weather.

It is really important to find the cleanser appropriate for your skin type. Cleansing solutions and mousses with soft texture are suitable for dry skin, while the owners of oily skin should buy a special soap for washing or a light gel. Be careful with the alcohol tonics: they can be used only as a last resort, and only after the visit to the cosmetologist. During the heat it is better to sponge your skin with special matting napkins.

The main mistake of most girls is the excessive use of makeup foundation to hide imperfections. Most foundations create the air-tight coat near the skin surface. It is only stimulating the inflammation. You would want to look for the so-called ‘breathable’ foundation. It is much safer to use, but still it’s better not to overuse it.

Moisturizing and Protection
It is a widespread myth that only dry skin requires moisturizing – which is not true. The main thing in this case is to get the correct cream texture. Oily skin should be moisturized with the defatted lotions and matting gels, while dry skin needs light creams. As a rule, the moisturizer is used twice a day. Yet, for the oily skin it is enough to do it once, say, every morning.

Professional Treatment
Thorough daily skin care is great, but you should not forget about the deeper professional cleansing in the SPA. Here is where the questions appear. How a teenager can learn to take care of the skin properly? Which cosmetic procedures will improve its conditions? What cosmetic line it is better to use if you don’t want to worsen the situation?

Come at VK SKIN SPA, we have all the answers for you!

Olga Nazarova, VK Skin SPA Manager

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