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How Not To Kill Your Teeth With Home Whitening

How Not To Kill Your Teeth With Home Whitening|Beauty>Teeth Beauty
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A bright smile is the most desirable thing for most of people who care about their appearance. Thanks to the prospering teeth-whitening business, dazzling smile is now within a reach for everyone. There are lots of options for whitening your teeth – from professional whitening at a dentist’s to home whitening. Today we are going to talk about the latter. Keep on reading to find out how not to harm your teeth during the whitening process.

Is it safe to whiten your teeth at home?
On the whole, there are no side effects of home whitening if you follow the instructions. Still, you should know some things to stave off the risks.

First, it is proved that whitening at home is safe. Yet, the concept of safety is a bit different for consumers and scientists. While consumers consider ‘safety’ to mean ‘completely harmless’, the scientists warn that it is all the matter of dose. It was proved that there is no substance which is not a poison and the only thing that differentiates a poison from a remedy is the right dose.

That is why you should read the instructions precisely when choosing your whitening kit. Overusing may injure your teeth and gums. There was a case of a 13-year-old boy who had used the kit he purchased excessively. At the point he could not eat anymore, the boy went to the dentist’s. The teeth examination revealed that he had ruined his enamel almost completely and exposed the sensitive layer underneath. This case is the brilliant example of how you should not treat your teeth if you want to have that shiny smile.

How to prevent teeth catastrophe?
Before starting any kind of whitening procedure, you should visit your dentist. Professional cleaning and mouth exam are obligatory. In fact, it may appear that you only needed a thorough cleaning. Your dentist will check out your teeth and gums to know whether there are any problems. If so, you should treat them first before visiting the whitening procedure.

Does it work equally for all people?
Unfortunately, there is no 100% guarantee that your teeth will be white as snow once the teeth whitening is done. It was proved that stains of different color react differently to the same influence of whiteners. In some cases it may need up to 6 months of the professional treatment.

As the color of teeth varies from person to person, it is not the only factor of the whitening effectiveness. Among other factors there are individual teeth condition, the system used and the concentration of the active ingredients.

How often should one do the whitening?
The endurance of the result depends on your lifestyle. Those people who expose their teeth to some staining food and beverages as well as smoking will not be able to enjoy their new smile for too long. For such people the result may fade away in less than a month. If you keep off all these factors it will not make your teeth white permanently, but the next procedure will be required after a year or even more.

What are the possible risks?
Even though teeth whitening is proved to be safe, there are still two potential problems. The first is the increased teeth sensitivity and the second one is slight irritation of gums and other soft tissues of the mouth. Both of the conditions are usually temporary and they will disappear in a day or so after the end of the treatment.

After all, you should be extremely careful with the decision to whiten your teeth at home. Remember that the best way to avoid risks is always the same – ask specialists for help. Come at VKSkin spa and in a short time we will give you the glorious snow-white smile that will keep everybody in thrall!

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