Deep Cleansing And Ultrasound Cleansing: What Is The Difference? | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

Deep Cleansing And Ultrasound Cleansing: What Is The Difference?

Deep Cleansing And Ultrasound Cleansing: What Is The Difference?|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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Young and healthy skin has always been the main feature of an attractive person. However, maintaining the skin in such a condition is not an easy task. Sun, wind and air damage the skin as well as some natural processes in the human body – loss of elasticity, for instance, results in liability to wrinkles and fine lines. Nowadays the spa-industry has dozens of solutions for making the skin healthier and more vibrant, but deep cleansing and ultrasound cleansing are among the most popular.

What is deep cleansing?
Deep cleansing treatment goes far beyond the traditional facials. It is a complex of procedures especially developed to clean the skin more thoroughly than during other treatments. The steaming is used for opening up the pores, then goes the extraction of clogged pores, finally, the treatment is finished by applying some special masks for healing the skin and enriching it with nourishing elements.

This type of facial treatment is suitable for people with oily skin and acne. The process of deep cleansing helps to remove dirt, dead skin cells and even toxins from the skin. It also reduces the production of sebum – the natural oil of the skin. Usually sebum keeps the skin moisturized and resilient, however, when it is produced in excess, it brings on acne and blackheads. Deep cleansing balances the sebum production, preventing the further skin issues.

Another important benefit of deep cleansing is the effect of masks applied afterwards. The procedure opens up the pores, so the products rich in vitamins and minerals can get deeper into the skin, nourishing it with all the elements it needs. Except for healing the skin, masks increase the natural production of collagen which, in its turn, boosts the cell regeneration. Thus, it helps to prevent such signs of early aging as wrinkles and fine lines.

What is ultrasound cleansing?
Ultrasound cleansing differs from other facials in using a special ultrasound device which influences the skin with high-frequency waves. The main benefit of the procedure is that it is noncontact, which means that ultrasound treatment suits any skin type with no risk.

The procedure starts from applying the special gel to the skin. Then a cosmetologist uses the ultrasound device that looks like a metal blade, slightly stroking the face with it. Ultrasound waves increase blood circulation and stimulate the natural cleansing processes. Moreover, it causes better collagen production which is responsible for quicker cell regeneration and higher elasticity of the skin. To crown it all, it kills the acne-causing bacteria, preventing the appearance of acne in the future.

Ultrasound cleansing is effective for treating acne, balancing sebum production and reducing age issues, like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It cleans the skin thoroughly and revitalizes it. The dramatic changes may be visible even after the first procedure!

What is the difference?
Despite the fact that both deep cleansing facial and ultrasound treatment are used to deal with the same skin problems, there is one main difference between them.

Deep cleansing can be painful for some people, so it is not suitable for everyone. It can also cause some skin irritation, dryness and redness if a person has sensitive skin. The redness is often caused by the extractions, while the reason for dryness may lie in the chemicals found in the cosmetic products used during the procedure. Even though these consequences are temporary and pass into nothingness within a few days, it is a crucial point for those who have only one day or even several hours before the important event.

Ultrasound cleansing, on the contrary, is gentle and painless as far as it does not penetrate the skin the way that deep cleansing does. The slight strokes of the ultrasound machine are like the gentle face massage.

Nevertheless, deep cleansing facial has one significant advantage. It helps to clean the most severe debris, which is not always possible with device procedures, such as ultrasound cleansing.

Overall, the choice between these facials depends on your needs and peculiarities of your skin. The deep cleansing facial guarantees thoroughly cleaned pores and long-lasting results while the ultrasound procedure provides painless experience with no side effects.

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