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5 Things You Should Know About Chemical Peels

5 Things You Should Know About Chemical Peels|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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It’s common knowledge that the summer season influences acne scars, age spots and wrinkles. Hot sun damages our skin and causes freckles. Sure, it’s terrible – but how can you avoid all these imperfections?

Your best and perhaps most efficient solution is chemical peel. It can help your skin look revived and more toned than before. That’s why you may literally feel becoming several (or even ten) years younger!

What do we know about Chemical Peels?
It’s a skin treatment technique which uses a special chemical solution to make your skin better and give it new breath and life.

Chemical peels remove wrinkles and other imperfections by scraping the outer layers of dermis, which induces the growth of new skin. Acne scars, age spots can be also cured with this way of treatment – they are simply removed with the upper layer of the old skin.

During this procedure, professional specialists use customized solution that induces skin regeneration. Many people use chemical peels not just for their faces, but also for other parts of body: hands, back and neck.

Why people are interested in Chemical Peel treatment?
One of the main reasons is that a chemical peel can treat fine lines on our faces. As you know, wrinkles appear with age, but also a hot sun can seriously damage the skin, and a chemical peel easily solves this problem.

What’s more interesting, even deeply pigmented spots may be treated with chemical peeling. Miracles! And of course, this procedure essentially makes the color of your skin brighter and fresher.

What are the results of the Treatment?
There are several types of chemical peels. The first one is light peel, which works on the top layer of skin. You don’t have to get afraid of the light pink skin color right after the procedure, because it’s a temporary effect, which subsides a day later or even in the same day.

Then, medium peel causes redness and scaling that lasts for about a week. Deep peeling is the strongest type of treatment. It works on the deepest layers of the skin and rehab can last for a week or longer. But finally your skin will be rejuvenated and smooth for a long time.

Whom Chemical Peel suits best?
Professionals says that people with a light skin are best candidates to have a chemical peel. But patients with dark skin may also achieve good results. The best way to understand if this procedure suits you is to discuss it with our experienced skin-care specialists.

What’s the difference between Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion?
Do you know about microdermabrasion? Many people often compare it to chemical peels. Both these skin treatments make the skin better and both are highly popular among women. But still there is a difference between them.

Speaking about Microdermabrasion, it just works on the uppermost layer of the skin, making it smooth and silky. That’s why skin becomes brighter and lightly rosy. But on the other hand, this kind of treatment doesn’t help with removing wrinkles or age spots as the Chemical Peel treatment will do.

For more information about chemical peels, or if you’re interested in trying one for yourself, call VKSKIN SPA. Our specialists will help you to find out what treatment is best for you to remove damaged outer layers, rejuvenate your skin and make it look smoother and younger. Call 646-200-5856, or visit us at 162 Brighton, 11th Street in Brooklyn, New York.

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