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5 Proven Benefits Of Ultrasound Facial Therapy

5 Proven Benefits Of Ultrasound Facial Therapy|Skin Care>Professional Skin Care
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Most women think that ultrasound is something you need only during your pregnancy. What they don’t know is that it is actually one of the best treatments for skin turnover and rejuvenation.

The Ultrasound facial is a non-invasive procedure, meaning you don’t have to worry about your skin getting damaged by needle pricks. It is a gentle treatment suitable for all ages, all skin types and any kind of skin issues. Even if you believe that you have super-sensitive skin, Ultrasound will still not damage it. It is an amazing anti-aging treatment which will make your skin younger and healthier by stimulating collagen and elastin production. And we all know that these two proteins are the main elements of the skin rejuvenation.

Even though it doesn’t hurt your face physically, the ultrasound waves penetrate deeply into your skin, cleansing and hydrating it. The ultrasound also kills all bacteria on the skin surface. You may be surprised by how many issues Ultrasound deals with.

Here are 5 most popular skin conditions you can get rid of with the help of this treatment.

#1 Acne
No doubt, there are loads of effective medicine and cosmetics that help you to treat acne. Yet, over time, your skin becomes resistant to such treatment, no matter how expensive or effective it is. Once it comes to Ultrasound facial, things are the other way around. It does not only boost the collagen production but also makes your skin more sensitive to creams, lotions and all sorts of anti-acne treatment. You will be really surprised by the dramatic change right after the first procedure.

#2 Enlarged Pores
Getting ultrasound facials on a regular basis is highly effective for reducing large pores. It will soften your skin and stabilize the sebum production as well. The main reason of enlarged pores is the debris and toxins stuck deep inside. That’s why once you clean out your skin properly, your pores start to shrink slowly.

#3 Wrinkles And Saggy Skin
Do you need to tighten some double chins and jowls, or improve your skin tone and texture? Then Ultrasound therapy is exactly what you are looking for. It enriches your skin with the oxygen, nourishes it and increases the natural protein production. This also helps to smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines and completely change your look – with no damage to your skin!

#4 Puffy Eyes
In case you gave up trying to get rid of congested puffy eyes, give ultrasound a chance. It will increase the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Thus, it disperses all the excess fluid so that you will never have that ‘tired look’ again.

#5 Dark circles
If dark circles are a constant condition of your face, don’t lose time and get an appointment for Ultrasound today. According to one of the researches, dark circles are a result of broken capillaries. It is them who causes that red-blue pigment under your eyes. As Ultrasound facial boosts the blood circulation. What does that mean for you? It means no more broken capillaries, only bright and fresh look.

After all, these are only some of the skin issues you can deal with using Ultrasound therapy. Remember that it is a non-invasive procedure, so you don’t need to go for the painful surgeries anymore. The treatment lasts for about 60 minutes. Can you think of any other treatments that may give you the same results in such a short span of time?

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