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Private Parties At VK Skin Spa: Have Fun While Getting Younger! 
VK Skin Spa brings fun to a whole new level! Let us take care of you and your friends and fulfill all your beauty needs as you enjoy the company of each other. Surprised? Keep on reading to find out more!


Today we are happy to present you our new amazing offer. Now you can spend your own party at VK Skin Spa. Be it your birthday or your best friend’s bridal shower – we will make sure that everything goes perfectly and you all enjoy it.


The minimal party package includes four participants and three hours. During these three hours, everyone will get two great 30-minute procedures. And all that pleasure costs only $500 in total! The price for every extra person over 4 is just $125. If you wish, you may order or bring in your own food and drinks. We will also turn on your favorite music and create the most relaxing atmosphere ever - so that nothing will disrupt you from communication with your friends.

Here you have a great chance to relax your mind and improve your look with the help of our best treatments. Whatever issue you have, we have solutions to them all. Here’s what you can enjoy:


#1 Clean Skin = Youthful Look
The daily use of makeup may cause you more harm than good. Cosmetics clog up your pores, preventing the skin from proper natural rejuvenation. If you want to give a constant boost to your appearance, a skin peel is what you are looking for. At Vk Skin Spa, you can choose either of the following treatments:

  • Deep Cleansing;
  • Ultrasonic Facial;
  • Microdermabrasion;
  • Enzyme Peel;
  • PCA Chemical Peel.


Thorough cleansing will help you to get rid of most problems, from clogged pores to pigmentation and even acne scars. For the proper anti-acne effect you can also try out our LED Acne Therapy.


#2 Stop The Clock With Anti-Aging Treatment
Skin aging is not a final sentence for your beauty. If you think that you’ve tried everything, you don’t know what a miracle our anti-aging procedures can do! Eliminating wrinkles, reducing hyperpigmentation, smoothing out skin color and texture – these are only some of the benefits you can get from our anti-aging complex. Our estheticians will choose the procedure that will best suit your skin condition and needs. Among the anti-aging line of treatments, you can choose among:

  • LED Therapy;
  • Microcurrent Face Lift;
  • Vitamin Mesotherapy;
  • Gold Mesotherapy;
  • Microneedling Procedure;
  • Oxygen Infusion;
  • Radio Frequency Procedure.


#3 Indulge In Some Body Treatment
Your beautiful face isn’t the only thing that needs your attention. As soon as you’re done with your facials, treat your body with some pleasant procedures. Salt and sugar scrub will exfoliate your skin thoroughly, making it smooth and extremely gentle.
If you want to enjoy your body treatment even more, check out the wraps from VK Skin Spa. You can enjoy the chocolate, the seaweed wrap, and even the anti-cellulite wrap. These will stabilize your endocrine system, improve the skin cells metabolism and even help you with the weight loss.


#4 Say Goodbye To The Unwanted Hair
The proper hair removal is an integral part of the complete look. At our spa, you can choose between cold and hot wax, going for the option that suits you the most. You can also have the well-known Brazilian wax so that you will feel 100% sexy and attractive.


#5 Finish Your Look With The Details
Sometimes even after a full program of face and body treatment, you will still feel that something is left undone. How about your eyebrows and eyelashes? Putting on makeup may be too stressful sometimes, but VK Skin Spa has a way out! Try our eyebrow and eyelash coloring and you will forget about makeup forever!
Finish up your look with a brilliant smile. Getting snow-white teeth is easier than you think. The world-known system LumaLite will give you the smile of your dreams in just 40 minutes or even less!


#6 It’s High Time To Relax!
Once you are done with your beauty routine, it’s time to give yourself a pat on the back. Or is it better to say - a pat on the face? Everyone will admit that all these procedures may be rather tiresome, so it’s not surprising that you might need some relaxation afterward. The plastic and classical face massage will help you to relax both your mind and body.

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