Microcurrent Face Lift packages:
BUY 5 FOR $400 And GET 2 FREE LED Masks
Get a $480 discount for 5 procedures!
Discount validity:
December 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016
(Regular Price: $880)
Aging is one of the women’s biggest enemies. Wrinkles, saggy and dry skin, lack of elasticity... You don’t need to worry about this anymore! We offer you a package of 5 Microcurrent Face Lift procedures and a nice bonus - 2 free LED light therapies!
Microcurrent Face Lift will make your skin look younger and fresher. You will notice how quickly your skin gets its natural healthy color, how it becomes firm and young again! Even though the Microcurrent therapy influences your skin with electric currents, it is totally safe and effective! Many women have already stated that was their perfect secret to staying young and have a perfect look without any chemicals!
Tired of constantly running around, ordering different procedures, and paying for each? We recommend you to order a package of 5 treatments at once for a reasonable price. Also, you get an excellent bonus - 2 free LED light therapies as a gift!
We care about you and want you to remember that you are perfect! Our specialists are always waiting for you. Don’t miss your chance and get a discount with a gift right now!
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